Royal Mail Importers - Sandbox Test Pack

Sandbox - API Test Pack Requirements

  • For the required services, you must provide a minimum of 3 labels which have been created by you from requests against our services. These labels should have different destination information, different weights, which should be relevant to the service being requested.
  • Manifest/Sales Order Summary. The manifest should be produced by calling the Manifest Shipments API request for the labels being supplied in the test pack.
  • Example of an API request for creating shipment, cancelling shipment and for manifesting shipment.
  • Test labels should be printed on a production printer and an image, or a scan of these labels, together with the rest of the required documents should be shared with us for an initial approval.

Submit the complete Test Pack to [email protected].
Please note, once labels are submitted, we will aim to respond within 5 working days.