Tracking Events and Milestones

You can choose to receive all tracking events or tracking milestones only. This can be set up when configuring the tracking webhook.

Milestones are key events that occur in the delivery journey, such as the shipment being received by the carrier, going out for delivery, being delivered successfully etc.

  • If you select to receive milestones only, we will only push tracking, when a new milestone is triggered.
  • If you select to receive full tracking events, we will push tracking every time we receive a new tracking event from the carrier, whether that tracking event triggers a new milestone or not.

List of tracking milestones and tracking events:


If you choose to receive tracking milestones, please note that each milestone will only get triggered once. Here is the expected order to receive the milestones:

  • IT'S ON IT'S WAY - the shipment was handed over or is on its way to the carrier
  • IN TRANSIT - the shipment is traveling through the carrier's network
  • TRANSIT DELAY - informs that there was a delay in processing the shipment through the carrier's network
  • IN CUSTOMS - the shipment is undergoing customs inspections (if applicable for international shipments only)
  • OUT FOR DELIVERY - the shipment is on the way to the recipient
  • DELIVERY ATTEMPT FAILED - the delivery was attempted, but failed
  • READY FOR COLLECTION - the shipment was left at a chosen location for the recipient to collect it
  • DELIVERED - the shipment was successfully delivered to the recipient (or another person/ place chosen by the recipient)
  • COLLECTED- the shipment was successfully collected from the collection point
  • PART DELIVERED - part of a consignment shipment was delivered successfully
  • UNDELIVERABLE- the delivery of the shipment was not possible

Final events

Final events mean that no further tracking statuses will be sent after the event/ milestone was hit.

The below events are defined as final:

  • All Delivered events
  • Recipient Collected
  • Shipment Lost/ Destroyed
  • Undeliverable - Destroyed.