Welcome to Intersoft SAPIENT

Intersoft SAPIENT provides a simple, reliant shipping API to easily create and manage shipments, generate labels, and more. This page will help you get started.


Looking to build an integration? Our API allows you to incorporate the intelligence of Intersoft SAPIENT into your software with minimal integration effort.

The Intersoft SAPIENT Developers Hub will guide you through the process to set up an account and create shipments as well as how to get started as a user. Specifically cover how the API can be used by business customers to conduct shipping activity with available carriers and provides the technical information to build this integration.

Intersoft SAPIENT API allows customers to create and manage shipments, produce labels and customs documentation, generate and print collection manifests. The API also allows to retrieve reference data such as carriers supported by the platform and the countries where shipments can be sent, maintain their own data required for these such as adding and managing shipping accounts and shipping locations details.

What do I need to start?

Intersoft API is a fully RESTful service implemented using JSON messaging. You, as the customer are responsible for sending JSON messages and for maintaining the capability of receiving JSON messages in the format described in this documentation.

The API requires the user to provide a Bearer token. What a Bearer token is and how to generate one are explained in the Authentication section.