Royal Mail tracking account setup



System set-up:

Before you can set up a Tracking Account, you will need to ensure you have done the below steps first:

  1. Successfully enabled the label integration with Royal Mail.
  2. Ensure you have enabled the tracking integration with Royal Mail.
  3. Setup your tracking webhook. More information on how to do this can be found here. Once you have set up your tracking webhook once, you will not need to do this again.


There are two ways of adding a Tracking Account on the system:

  1. From the Integration Activation screen: Select Royal Mail - Configure Tracking - Manage Tracking Account - Add Tracking Account.
  2. Via the API tab on the main menu: API - Tracking - Tracking Accounts - Add Tracking Accounts.


  1. You will need to select from the drop down under the "Carrier" section, which carrier you wish to add this Tracking Account under. In this case, it would be Royal Mail.

  2. In the "Shipping Account" drop down you can either select a specific shipping account you want to receive tracking for or you can select all shipping accounts to receive tracking for all existing and future shipping accounts for Royal Mail.

  3. When all the required information is populated, click "Add Tracking Account".

This will then take you back to the Tracking Accounts page where you will now see your Tracking Account added successfully.