Yodel shipping account setup



Before you can set up a shipping account, you must ensure you have enabled the label integration with Yodel.


There are two ways of adding a shipping account on the system:

  1. From the Integration Activation screen select Yodel - Configure Label - Manage Shipping Account - Add Shipping Account.
  2. Using the Shipping Account tab via the main menu page.

To begin, click the “Add Shipping Account” button from the Shipping Accounts tab of the Main Menu page

Account Details:

  1. Using the Carrier Selection drop down, select Yodel. This will only be relevant if you have integrated with multiple carriers as a full list will show via this drop down.
  2. Using the drop down, select the Shipping Location you wish to assign this account to.

Shipping Account:

  1. Enter your Carrier Account Number- This will be your 9 digit Yodel Account Number.
  2. Enter an Account Name.
  3. Click the drop down under the Account Type and select whether you would like to create this account in the Sandbox environment or in Production.
  4. Enter a memorable name and populate this in the Alias section - The Alias is a name which can be used in the API request instead of using the Shipping Location ID when connecting to us. Therefore, it is recommend that this name be memorable and something you have at hand to refer to in the future.
  5. Enter a Contact Name and Contact Number for the account.

Carrier Details:

  1. Enter your 7 digit Yodel Contract Number
  2. Enter your 4 digit Schedule Number
  3. Enter your 5 digit Meter Number - This will be used to create the unique Yodel barcode range. Please refer to the Barcode range setup guide for further information.

Once all the required information has been populated, scroll down and click "Add Shipping Account". This will then take you back to the main Shipping Accounts page where you should now see the account you just created.

To view your created Shipping Accounts you can refer back to the main Shipping Account page where you will find all the accounts created, listed.


Shipping Account(s) can be added and managed via API. Find out more in the API Reference