A Carrier is a company or a person legally entitled to transport goods by land, water, and air.

Carrier Services

  • The collection of shipping services a specific carrier offers to their customers. Not every service is available for every customer. For example, High Volume Services are only available for customers with a volume of shipments that pass a certain threshold. Each service has a service code that must be provided when you send a create shipment request.

Package Types

  • Some carriers have rules around max weight and max dimensions allowed for a service. A shipment can have between 1 and 99 packages. All packages in the shipments must be within the limits for the selected service.

Service Enhancements

  • Some carriers offer special add-ons, such as SMS notifications, email notifications, signatures on receipt for some of their services. You must specify what enhancements you want to add to your shipments. The enhancement must be available for the carrier and service you used to create the shipment.