Registered Billing Postcode and Posting Location Postcode added to Royal Mail Account Activation Email

In readiness to release Royal Mail API for OBA and to improve the Royal Mail onboarding process, an additional step is being introduced by Royal Mail. In addition to the existing validation of the Account number posting location (PLN) and the OBA-registered email address, there will also be the validation of the postcode registered for the billing address as well as the postcode set up against the PLN (Shipping Location Postcode).

The Registered Billing Postcode and Shipping Location Postcode fields have been added to the Royal Mail Account Activation Email. The Registered Billing Postcode field is optional, with its value automatically included in the activation email when provided. Posting Location Postcode is recorded upon customer selection of the shipping location for linking to the shipping account. Activation emails are dispatched to both the Royal Mail OBA team and the activating user. This enhancement aims to improve the Royal Mail onboarding process and reduce activation errors.